… unlike any other cycling cream you have used before! It performs differently because it is different. More than a lubricant, this unique formula leaves you with a clean, highly protective and therapeutic barrier that persists through long rides… just like you!

WHY USE PODIUM ?                                                                                                                   


Using Podium Chamois Cream helps protect you from pressure and friction that comes from skin to skin contact and clothing to skin contact which can result in uncomfortable chaffing and sores. In addition to reducing friction, Podium Chamois Cream provides protection and recovery from inflammation, irritation, perspiration and pain through its natural active ingredients. Protection from such problems is key to your performance and endurance. Learn more here.

“This is far and away the best chamois cream I’ve ever used. And I’ve tried them all – most with very little success. As a long distance cyclist, this cream really goes the distance. It provides a great barrier, doesn’t require constant re-application, and leaves you with a nice tingly sensation. It also smells really nice! Great post ride as well.
Thanks to Assential Cycling for a wonderful product and also for outstanding customer service!”

-Deborah Bowling