This uncomfortable skin irritation is caused by repetitive rubbing (friction) from skin to skin contact and clothing to skin contact and most commonly affects the gluteals, inner thighs, genitals and groin. It can also affect the nipples and armpits (more common in runners) and even the feet, usually between the toes (this is often overlooked by cyclists). Contributing factors to chaffing are loose clothing, obesity, overdeveloped musculature, long activity time (i.e. endurance cycling), salt, perspiration and high temperature weather.


This skin problem of the buttocks is one to avoid in particular as healing times can be unpleasantly long. Saddle sores often start with a break in the skin (abrasion) which is the result of friction and pressure. Where chaffing is primarily a skin surface irritation, an abrasion is a break in the protective skin surface. The abrasion progresses to folliculitis – inflamed reddened areas of individual hair follicles and early infection. The last stage and the worst of all is when the wound progresses into an abcess – an advanced infection where pus has accumulated in the tissue.  At this point, the abcess has to be drained and allowed time to heal. Each stage of a saddle sore is associated with varying degrees of pain or discomfort and may result in sub-optimal performance and lost riding time.


There are numerous preferences on the “best” way to use chamois cream. You will quickly learn what works best for YOU. We recommend applying a light layer directly on the chamois pad first. The rationale for this is that the chamois pad will absorb less cream from the skin if you pre-treat it. This helps the cream to remain on the skin surface longer providing the greatest protection where it is needed most.

Next, apply the cream around the groin area, in skin folds, around and on the genitals, and directly on the sit bones. Any area that experiences direct pressure on the saddle greatly benefits from a layer of cream. Some cyclists prefer a thin layer in the crack of the buttocks since this is an area of skin to skin contact as well. (You might be surprised just how much it helps as those pistons are firing 80-100 times a minute). If applying to the feet, usually a small dab worked in between each of the toes adds an unexpected degree of comfort.

Keep in my mind that a poorly positioned saddle or loose and ill fitting clothing can override the benefits of chamois cream. Proper bike set up and fitting is a must.

On very long rides, like centuries or double centuries, reapplication may be desirable. Our 1/4oz reusable/refillable flip top container fits unnoticeably in a jersey pocket and helps you avoid the usual mess and waste of single use tear packets.


 In the unlikely event you experience any undesirable response or reaction, please discontinue use immediately. Please review and understand the ingredients in Podium Chamois Cream before use.